We Are Team Topia

An exceptional team and league management platform, expanding to serve every sport

The Team Topia Mission

By making teams easier to manage, we save families time and make participation less work and more fun

At Team Topia, we understand that being the parent of an active kid is a lot of work! Youth sports rely on parent volunteers, whether they are coaching, refereeing, selling concessions, or cleaning up. And it’s a challenge keeping up with the schedules, stats and volunteer commitments for your child’s many activities. That’s why we create software that makes managing sports teams and leagues simple and easy. We want sports to be fun for the kids, and also fun for parents, administrators, and coaches. Making running the team less work encourages more participation on every level.

Team Topia’s Goals & Vision

The Team Topia vision is to create an online sports management platform that empowers our customers to create software for the sports they love. 

Our flagship product, SwimTopia, is the #1 online platform for managing US Summer/Rec swim teams. While we have started with a focus on the swimming market, our ambitions have always been much bigger—to serve a very wide range of sports and activities. We see the tools we’ve built for swimming as being a foundation that can easily transfer to other sports.


Out in the market, you’ll see a lot of software for the big four sports: basketball, baseball, soccer and football. But those big four sports are only one third of the overall sports software market. The other two thirds is made up of hundreds of different sports and activities. Many of these are Olympic sports like swimming & diving, track & field, skiing, gymnastics, marital arts and many, many others. And most of these sports are not supported at all by existing solutions.

Team Topia’s goals are to grow in two distinct stages:

  1. Expand our existing foothold in the year-round/club and international swimming markets
  2. Extend from that base to serve many additional sports, most notably timed sports and judged sports.

Which Sports Should be Next?

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