About Team Topia

About Us

Team Topia was originally created in 2010 by Mason Hale after he was recruited to be the “computer guy” for his kids’ swim team. Mason was astonished to discover how time-consuming and hard running a swim team really was. Disappointed by available solutions, he was determined to save time and frustration for himself and others. Knowing that more than just swim teams face these same struggles, Mason planned to start by serving the swimming market, then expand to help other sports. 

Team Topia software is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. By simplifying the jobs of sports volunteers and admins, we make running sports teams less work and more fun for everyone involved.

Our Team

Mason Hale
Founder & CEO

Mason has been leading teams that create innovative software products for over 20 years. Previously, as Chief Technologist of Frog Design, he led the creation web and software solutions for clients including Microsoft, Disney, T-Mobile, and many others.

Elli Overton
Director, Sales & Marketing

Elli is a three-time Australian Olympic Swimmer, and graduate of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. One of Team Topia’s first full time employees, she has been instrumental in growing the customer base from 50 to 1,800.

Chris Bonser
Vice President, Engineering

Chris loves leading teams to build software which delights its users. He has been the solo developer for shoestring budget startups and the project lead for multi-million dollar projects at a Fortune 500 company.

Tracy Nelson
Director, Customer Success

At Team Topia, Tracy combines her previous experience as a business owner, manager, and consultant with her love of sports. Helping ensure the success of our customers, Tracy oversees the Customer Happiness team and Help Center.


In September, 2021, Team Topia launched a Wefunder crowdfunding campaign. 

To find out more and support the Team Topia Wefunder initiative see: