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Team Topia Inc. was established in 2011 with a goal of providing simplified sports team management software for all sports. However, the first stop for Founder and CEO, Mason Hale, was the swim market. He wanted to solve his own headaches as the computer volunteer for his kids’ summer swim team. SwimTopia was Team Topia’s first project and initially established for the summer recreational swim team scene. 

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A swim team and meet management software product, SwimTopia makes it easier for swim teams to function. Registration, team store, communications, swim meet/volunteer sign up, and reporting? Yep, SwimTopia’s got it all! Its user-friendly interface, featuring drag and drop functionality, lends itself to a quick learning curve. With SwimTopia, parents are no longer pigeon-holed into computer roles (even after their kiddos have stopped swimming!). However, moving into 2023, Team Topia is also making moves! Read on to learn more about the foundation of SwimTopia, Team Topia’s plans to help non-swim organizations, and how Team Topia might be a fit for your sports team!

Mason, creator of SwimTopia and CEO of Team Topia, was a swim parent like any other. He took his kiddos to summer swim practice, cheered them on at meets, and donated his time as computer rep alongside other parents to ensure his neighborhood team functioned smoothly. However, he also felt that team management, what with all the paper and intricate coordination and lack of back-end technology communication, could be more succinct. He felt there was a “better way” and set about designing the SwimTopia we know (and love!) today.

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Launched officially in 2011, SwimTopia has continued to grow and flex to meet customer demand. SwimTopia’s purpose was always to be as user-friendly as possible and a customer-centric product. To meet this purpose, SwimTopia has added many features over the years to improve efficiency of swim team management. The website included with all SwimTopia premium accounts was added in 2012, team store capabilities in 2015, and record books in 2017. 

After having found success in the summer recreational market, SwimTopia turned its vision to other sections of the swim world. Support for high school teams (as well as a special website template for high schools) was added, meet management functionality blossomed in 2018 with the creation of Meet Maestro, and in 2022 SwimTopia integrated with USA Swimming’s SWIMS 3.0 to help year-round swim team work-flow.

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Though the focus has been on building out SwimTopia, Team Topia’s fuller vision was to eventually serve other sports, too. 2023 will see the release of Team Topia’s all-sport product. This solution takes the intuitive use and functionality of SwimTopia, but tweaked to fit all athletic teams, particularly “niche” sports not currently served by larger software companies. Team Topia also features a centralized website for teams in addition to registration, communications, roster management, and team store functionality.

Team Topia, like SwimTopia, offers a free two week trial with the functionality of a paid account. Try a trial today and see whether Team Topia is a fit for your sports team. You can also contact sales to set up a live features demo. Lastly, we’d love to hear from you: what sports team are you involved with? What features would you like to see in your sports team management product? Let us know at!

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