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Team Topia for Non-Swim Teams: referrals and more!

As we move further into the springtime, edging ever closer to summer, we know many programs, particularly school organizations, are assessing current team management solutions and judging options for the upcoming year. We’d like to sweeten this process by introducing our NEW Team Topia referral program.

As a Team Topia user, if you introduce another team to our software, you receive $30 off your next renewal invoice. What’s more, this Team Topia referral works with our current SwimTopia referral program. Currently, if a SwimTopia team refers another swim team to SwimTopia, they receive $75 off their next renewal. If a Team Topia team refers a swim team to SwimTopia, they will also receive $75 off. Further, a SwimTopia team referring a non-swim team to Team Topia will also get $30 off next renewal.

Let’s break it down.

SwimTopia to SwimTopia? $75 off!

SwimTopia to Team Topia? $30 off!

Team Topia to SwimTopia? $75 off!

Team Topia to Team Topia? $30 off!

Remember, with no limit to the amount of teams you can refer, there is the opportunity to save BIG with these referral deals.

Check out Team Topia for your non-swim organizations or pass along details if you know teams that could benefit from streamlined team management features and an unparalleled Customer Happiness support system.